There’s something about rain that captures the essence of country music. Whether it’s the nostalgia that washes over us or the melancholic mood it sets, there’s no denying that rain plays a prominent role in many country songs. From heartache to heartbreak, these songs evoke emotions that are raw and real, much like the downpour outside.

So take a seat and let us take you on a journey through the very best of country songs about rain and the stories that inspired them.


“I Can’t Stop Loving You” – Don Gibson

The first pick for this rainy-themed country playlist is a melancholic ballad that showcases Don Gibson’s vocal range and songwriting. The tune, “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” is a classic country song that explores the longing and heartache that can accompany a terrible storm.

Gibson’s poetic lyrics are well-complemented by the sorrowful melody, culminating in an emotional performance that’ll leave you breathless.

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” – Willie Nelson

“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” by Willie Nelson is a soulful and heart-wrenching ballad that narrates the protagonist’s sorrowful experience of reminiscing about a past love while enduring the incessant rain. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of melancholy and loneliness as the gloomy weather parallels the singer’s feelings of despair.

The emotive delivery of the song, coupled with Nelson’s trademark twang and affable cadence, makes for a captivating and poignant auditory experience.

“Nothin’ But the Taillights” – Clint Black

As far as the genre of country music is concerned, Clint Black’s “Nothin’ But the Taillights” is a song that stands out in its portrayal of rain. With his distinctive sound, Clint Black sings about how leaving town in the driving rain is all he knows, and how each rainfall brings a fresh memory of his past relationship.

The song’s lyrics are weighted with bittersweet yearning and are packed with vivid metaphors to reflect the depth of his emotions. It’s a must-have on any country lover’s playlist about rain.

“A Good Rain” – Dan Seals

One standout addition to any established country playlist theme of rain would definitely be Dan Seal’s “A Good Rain.” The track’s lyricism harbors great depth in the way it touches on the therapeutic nature of dealing with difficult times through “a good rain” that clears the air.

The subtle instrumentation and melancholic tone make it an emotional yet refreshing tune, perfect for a rainy day, whether you’re in the mood for introspection or simply want to embrace the soothing sound of precipitation.

“Rainy Days and Mondays” – The Carpenters

This rain-themed country tune by The Carpenters is a soulful ballad that highlights the bluesy nature of the rain. Karen Carpenter’s creamy vocals beautifully capture the feeling of melancholy brought about by a rainy day. The song is a perfect anthem for anyone looking to commiserate with the rain and find solace in their shared sorrow.

“Rainy Days and Mondays” is a poignant reminder that even with the clouds hanging overhead, there is still beauty to be found in the world.

“It’s Raining Again” – Supertramp

“It’s Raining Again” by Supertramp might take some folks by surprise in a list of country songs about rain, but hear me out: this classic rock tune’s melancholic lyrics about feeling helpless in the face of a hopeless situation can be fitting for those rainy days that just drag on and on.

The song’s sorrowful melody and longing vocals also capture the gloomy atmosphere of a rainstorm perfectly. So pour yourself a cup of tea, sit by the window, and let Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again” be the soundtrack to your rainy day blues.

“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” – B.J. Thomas

“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” by B.J. Thomas is a soulful and melodic tune about struggling to cope with the dreary and saturated atmosphere of a rainy day. In the song, Peebles’ pensive and emotive vocals evoke a sense of weariness and despair that is matched by the song’s moody, blues-inflected instrumentation.

With its vivid imagery and expressive lyrics, “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” captures the emotional complexity of one’s relationship with the weather, making it a standout entry in the canon of country songs about rain.

“Rainy Night in Georgia” – Brook Benton

“Rainy Night in Georgia” is a timeless classic by Brook Benton that flawlessly captures the bittersweet essence of rain and loneliness. This country soul ballad is a perfect fit for any rainy day as the melancholic lyrics accentuate the yearning for companionship amidst the soothing pitter-patter of raindrops.

Benton’s rich, resonant vocal style and the song’s gentle instrumentation evoke a sense of longing and isolation that is hard to ignore. It’s a true masterpiece that never gets old and promises to take you on an emotional journey every time it’s played.

“The Rain Came Down” – Steve Earle

One standout track that captures the essence of melancholy rain in the country music genre is Steve Earle’s “The Rain Came Down.” It’s a stirring ballad that evokes feelings of wistfulness and introspection, perfectly complementing the grey skies.

The slow, steady pacing of the song, coupled with Earle’s emotionally charged and richly textured vocals, make for a listening experience that’s simultaneously haunting and soothing. Even if country isn’t your usual cup of tea, this gorgeous ode to the rain will likely leave quite the impression.

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” – Ann Peebles

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Ann Peebles is a heart-wrenching country song about how the rain can amplify the pain of heartbreak and separation. Peebles’ soulful vocals and the song’s beautiful instrumentation give expression to the rawness and complexity of emotions that come with a significant loss.

The vivid imagery of the pouring rain perfectly captures the mood of longing, loneliness, and despair, making this song a perfect fit for a melancholic rainy day playlist.

“Rain” – Patty Griffin

“Patty Griffin’s ‘Rain’ is a haunting and melancholic tune that explores the theme of rain in a unique and introspective way. The song features sparse instrumentation, allowing Griffin’s evocative vocals to take center stage as she muses about the rain and how it brings a sense of renewal and growth, even in the midst of difficult times.

With its poetic lyrics and understated yet powerful delivery, ‘Rain’ is a standout track that showcases Griffin’s talents as both a songwriter and performer.”

“Settin’ the Woods on Fire” – Hank Williams

This Hank Williams classic is imbued with melancholy and wistfulness as it tells the story of a love affair that flickers out like a flame in the wind. Set against a backdrop of rain and tumultuous weather, the song’s imagery paints a vivid portrait of the stormy emotions a failed romance can evoke.

Williams’ masterful storytelling and plaintive vocals make “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” a standout entry in the canon of country songs about rainy weather.

“Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” – Gary Allan

“Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” by Gary Allan is a magnificent country ballad that conveys a message of hope. It is a song that talks about finding the light at the end of the tunnel after going through hard times. The lyrics describe how no matter how hard it rains, eventually, the rain will stop, and the sun will come out again.

The song features a catchy melody that is bound to get you humming along in no time. “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” is an impressive composition that perfectly captures the essence of country music.

“Kentucky Rain” – Elvis Presley

“Kentucky Rain” is a melancholic and mournful ballad about a man who’s searching for his lost love in the midst of a heavy downpour in Kentucky. The song was made famous in 1970 by Elvis Presley’s soulful and emotionally rich rendition, and it continues to be a popular choice for covers by contemporary country artists.

The lyrics are teeming with vivid imagery of the rain and the desperate longing of a heartbroken man. The haunting melody and Presley’s powerhouse vocals make “Kentucky Rain” a quintessential country song about the power of rain to evoke deep-seated emotions.

“Here Comes the Rain Again” – Eurythmics

“Here Comes the Rain Again” by Eurythmics may seem like an outlier in a list of country songs about rain, but the haunting synthesizer melodies and Annie Lennox’s soulful vocals perfectly capture the melancholy and introspection that typically accompany a rainy day.

It’s a standout contribution from one of the most iconic new wave bands of the 80s, and it deserves to be heard by anyone in need of a moody but satisfying soundtrack to a rainy day.”

“I Can’t Rain All the Time” – Jane Siberry

This one song, “I Can’t Rain All the Time,” sung by Jane Siberry, has a melancholic tone that’s hard to ignore. It’s not a typical country song about rain, but the poetic lyrics and haunting melody make it a compelling listen for those who love the genre. The song reflects on the cycles of life and how rain is a metaphor for both the good and bad moments we all experience.

Siberry’s soulful voice adds to the emotional quality of the song, making it a standout track for anyone who appreciates thoughtful, introspective music.

“It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls

This song is a lively disco tune which stands out from the rest of the country songs listed here. “It’s Raining Men” features upbeat vocals and an infectious beat that will get anyone onto the dance floor. While it may not be a typical country song about rain, it’s a fun and energetic addition to any playlist.

“November Rain” – Guns N’ Roses

“November Rain” is the molten ballad of Guns N’ Roses, evergreen and resonant, a song with a bizarre blend of extravagance and subtlety. Its cathartic guitar solo and orchestral interlude have become iconic moments in rock history, leaving an indelible mark in the minds of listeners since its release in 1991.

Though not typically considered a country song, its themes of longing and melancholy in the midst of a downpour make it a fitting addition to the genre.