The Christmas season is a time for celebration, reflection, and worship. And what better way to honour the reason for the season than with Black gospel Christmas songs? The soulful melodies and powerful lyrics of these songs tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in a way that resonates with the heart and soul of every believer.


Whether it’s the stirring harmonies, the lively rhythms, or the heartfelt emotions, Black gospel Christmas songs bring a unique and authentic experience to the holiday season that is sure to uplift and inspire all who listen.





“Go Tell It on the Mountain” – Mahalia Jackson


“Go Tell It on the Mountain” is a timeless classic and a staple in the modern Black Gospel Christmas music genre. The up-tempo melody and upbeat lyrics encourage listeners to spread the joy and good news of Christmas to all. Mahalia Jackson’s powerful vocals add an intense feeling of energy and emotion to the song.


This tune has remained popular for generations, inspiring many to appreciate the spirit of the holiday season and bring people together in celebration.



“Joy to the World” – Whitney Houston


This iconic song by the legendary Whitney Houston is a must-listen during the holiday season. With her soulful voice and uplifting rendition, Houston’s version of “Joy to the World” combines elements of gospel and pop, making it a timeless classic.


The song’s message of joy and celebration perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas and is sure to lift your spirits and get you into the holiday mood. So put on your dancing shoes and let Whitney Houston’s “Joy to the World” fill you up with holiday cheer.



“O Come All Ye Faithful” – Luther Vandross


This powerful hymn of adoration is a staple in the black gospel Christmas songbook. With its deep gospel roots and soaring vocals, it delivers a message of spiritual unity and joy in the birth of Christ. The soulful voice of Luther Vandross seeks to unite listeners in the spirit of celebration, whether they are believers or not, as the song proclaims the good news of Christmas.


From its driving beat to its soaring harmonies, “O Come All Ye Faithful” is a testament to the enduring power of black gospel music.



“O Holy Night” – Yolanda Adams


“O Holy Night” – Yolanda Adams’ rendition of this iconic Christmas song brings out the vibrancy and jubilation of the season with an added soulful edge. The song’s complex arrangement, with its soaring vocals and powerful instrumentation, showcases her ability to tap into the emotions of the listeners.


The lyrics, which reflect on the miraculous birth of Jesus, resonate with the traditions of the black gospel genre. It’s a timeless and festive track that has many fans returning each holiday season.



“Mary, Did You Know?” – Clay Aiken


One standout track from the world of black gospel Christmas songs is a powerful and emotional rendition of “Mary, Did You Know?” by Clay Aiken. Aiken’s soulful voice fills every note with intensity and depth, capturing the wonder and mystery of the birthing of Christ. The arrangement is elegant yet haunting, with a contemplative piano part and soaring guitar lines that stir the listener’s innermost thoughts and feelings.


This Christmas classic continues to amaze and move anyone who hears it, and Aiken’s version is a prime example of how gospel music brings humanity together through its spirituality and its passion.



“Silent Night” – The Temptations


One of the timeless classics of black gospel Christmas songs is a soulful rendition of “Silent Night” by The Temptations. Their harmonies create a perfect balance between the soft melodies and powerful vocals. The song showcases the group’s impressive abilities to deliver a sound that evokes the spirits of the season.


Its slow tempo, combined with the emotional intensity of the group’s performance, results in a moving experience that can be enjoyed by all ages for generations to come.



“Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” – Pentatonix


This track, performed by gospel music artist Kirk Franklin, is a jubilant and soulful rendition of the classic Christmas hymn “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” Filled with joy and energy, the song features Franklin’s signature blend of contemporary gospel and R&B elements, making it a beloved addition to modern Christmas music playlists.


With its uplifting message and powerful vocals, it’s no wonder why “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” remains a favorite among black gospel Christmas songs.




“The First Noel” – Patti LaBelle


Patti LaBelle’s rendition of “The First Noel” is a captivating take on this classic Christmas hymn. With her soulful and powerful voice, she infuses the song with a sense of reverence and deep emotion that is sure to move any listener.


The arrangement is rich and lush, featuring gospel-style backing vocals and a soaring instrumental section that perfectly complements LaBelle’s vocals. This is a song that embodies the true spirit of Christmas and will leave listeners feeling uplifted and inspired.



“Christmas Time Is Here” – Vince Guaraldi


“Christmas Time Is Here” by Vince Guaraldi is a beautiful rendition that seamlessly blends traditional gospel music and contemporary elements. The soulful harmonies, crisp instrumentation, and emotive vocals make for an uplifting and inspiring listening experience. The lyrics express the joy and wonder of the holiday season with a message that resonates across generations and cultures.


This song is a must-listen for anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit or celebrate the rich tradition of black gospel music during Christmas.



“Mary, Did You Know?” – Vickie Winans


“Mary, Did You Know?” by Vickie Winans is a beautiful black gospel Christmas song that reflects on the wonder of Jesus’ birth. The thought-provoking lyrics ask Mary, the mother of Jesus, if she knew the magnitude of who her child would become and what he would accomplish on earth.


Winans’ powerful vocals and emotive delivery make this song a staple of Christmas music, and it continues to resonate with listeners of all ages, races, and backgrounds, reminding us of the true meaning of the season.




“O Holy Night” – Smokie Norful


“O Holy Night” delivers a soul-stirring experience for fans of black gospel Christmas music. Smokie Norful blends traditional melodies with contemporary R&B beats, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. The track features Norful’s soaring vocals, backed by a choir that delivers harmonies with precision and power.


With lyrics that speak to the true meaning of Christmas, this song is a standout among the best of the season. Fans of gospel and R&B will find this track irresistible, making it a must-add to any holiday playlist.



“Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child” – Mariah Carey


This soulful Christmas hymn, sung by Mariah Carey, perfectly blends the contemporary R&B sound with traditional gospel. The lyrics capture the miraculous story of Jesus’ birth and the joy that it brought, creating a religious and festive atmosphere.


Its upbeat melody and catchy chorus make it a popular addition to any holiday playlist. With Mariah’s powerful vocals and uplifting harmonies, this tune serves as a delightful addition to the black gospel Christmas song repertoire.



“Angels We Have Heard on High” – Kierra Sheard


With a soulful sound and contemporary vibe, this Christmas classic by Kierra Sheard is a must-have on any Black Gospel Christmas playlist. “Angels We Have Heard on High” features Sheard’s powerful vocals and uplifting lyrics that beautifully capture the spirit of the holiday season. The song’s captivating melody and joyful chorus will have listeners singing along and feeling the joy and wonder of Christmas.



“This Christmas” – Donny Hathaway


Oh man, “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway is a timeless classic in the black gospel Christmas song genre. The upbeat melody and smooth vocals are guaranteed to make even the Scroogiest of listeners tap their feet and nod their heads. Hathaway’s effortless ability to infuse gospel with R&B sets the bar high for all holiday tunes to come.


It’s no wonder this song has remained a holiday staple for over four decades. Get ready to feel all the festive vibes with this jazzy hit.



“Do You Hear What I Hear?” – Whitney Houston


This soulful rendition of a classic Christmas tune by Whitney Houston incorporates elements of black gospel music as she belts out the lyrics with her signature vocal prowess. The song offers a rhythmic and modern twist to the age-old question posed in “Do You Hear What I Hear?” as Whitney invites us to listen and reflect on the message of the season.


Her powerful interpretation provides a celebratory and uplifting feel that will set the tone for any holiday gathering.



“Born Is the King (It’s Christmas)” – Hillsong Worship


This groovy and soulful gospel tune celebrates the birth of Jesus with a contemporary twist. The powerful vocals and energetic beat of the song are sure to get you moving and rejoicing.


With its vibrant sound and uplifting message, it perfectly captures the joy and spirit of Christmas. A must-listen for anyone looking to infuse their holiday playlist with some fresh and lively tunes!



“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” – Chris Tomlin


“Emmanuel” by Chris Tomlin is a modern take on the classic gospel sound. With powerful vocals, soaring instrumentals, and a message of hope and redemption, this song captures the spirit of Christmas in a fresh and inspiring way.


The lyrics speak to the profound religious significance of the holiday while also celebrating the joy and wonder of the season. Ideal for any holiday playlist, this track will leave listeners feeling uplifted and energized.




“Sweet Little Jesus Boy” – Mahalia Jackson


This joyous hymn is quite captivating, as it reflects the true meaning of Christmas. With its soulful melody, “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” brings a sense of warmth and wonder to the holiday experience. The serene choir harmonies and meaningful lyrics express the joy and amazement of the birth of Christ, and the humble circumstances in which he entered the world.


This song serves as a reminder of the miraculous beginnings of the story of Jesus Christ and its significant impact on Christian believers.



“We Three Kings” – Kirk Franklin


” We Three Kings” by Kirk Franklin is an exuberant and spirited take on the classic Christmas carol. With its nod to traditional gospel music, this song is an uplifting and soulful addition to any holiday playlist.


Franklin’s signature sound shines through with upbeat rhythms, powerful vocals, and a touch of funk that will get everyone grooving. The song is a celebration of the joy and wonder of Christmas, and it showcases the best of black gospel music.



“Away in a Manger” – CeCe Winans


This soulful rendition of “Away in a Manger” by CeCe Winans is a must-listen for anyone looking for black gospel Christmas songs. With powerful vocals that are both passionate and soothing, Winans brings her signature style to this classic song, delivering an emotional performance that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. The song is infused with elements of gospel, R&B, and jazz, creating a unique sound that is both contemporary and timeless.


Whether you’re a fan of gospel music or simply looking for some festive holiday tunes, CeCe Winans’ “Away in a Manger” is sure to become a favorite.



“The Christmas Song” – Nat King Cole


Nat King Cole’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” has become a timeless classic in the realm of Black Gospel Christmas songs. The smooth, velvety voice of the late performer still resonates with audiences to this day, capturing the essence of the holiday season.


With its lyrical depiction of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and folks dressed up like Eskimos, it effortlessly transports listeners into the heartwarming holiday atmosphere. Nat King Cole perfectly interprets the lyrics, making it an iconic addition to the genre of Black Gospel Christmas songs.