Bears have always fascinated humans, from their cute and cuddly appearances to their ferocious and wild nature. As a result, bears have been the subject of countless songs over the years, each one showcasing a unique perspective on the mighty Ursidae.

From bluesy ballads to whimsical sing-alongs, the songs about bears we’ll be exploring today are as diverse as the animals themselves. So sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on a musical journey through the fascinating world of bears.

“Bear Necessities” – Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman

“Bear Necessities” is a lively tune that first appeared in Disney’s “The Jungle Book” features Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman. The upbeat music and catchy lyrics reminiscent of classic swing, jazz, and blues allow for a joyous singalong experience.

The song speaks about the essence of life in a carefree manner that resonates with the cast and audiences alike. The song’s upbeat vibes tap into the childlike wonder and whimsy that make us want to sing and dance along with the bear necessities of life.

“Bear Song” – Green Jelly

The track from the heavy metal band, Green Jelly, titled “The Bear Song” is a raucous recounting of a first-person encounter with a vicious bear. The track packs a high degree of energy with its hard-hitting drum rhythm, distorted guitar accompaniment and wild vocals.

The song narrates the protagonist’s fear and struggles while being chased by the hungry creature. The lyrics of the track are evocative and the music creates a sense of adrenaline that’ll be a hit for fans of metal music.



“Bare Necessities” – Dr. John

“Bare Necessities” is a catchy tune from the 1967 animated movie “The Jungle Book”. Sung by the character Baloo the bear (voiced by Phil Harris) and Mowgli (voiced by Bruce Reitherman), the song celebrates the joy of living a simple life without any worries. The song’s upbeat rhythm and lively lyrics perfectly capture the carefree spirit of a bear, making it a fun addition for any bear-themed playlist.

“The Beauty Way” – Ray Wylie Hubbard

“The Beauty Way” by Ray Wylie Hubbard is an enigmatic and soulful folk blues classic that beautifully captures the fierce and unpredictable spirit of the bear. Through haunting guitar melodies and raw, untamed vocals, Hubbard weaves a vivid narrative around the bear’s power and the struggle to tame it.

The gritty and introspective lyrics offer a glimpse into the mysterious and awe-inspiring world of the bear, while the intricate instrumentation creates an immersive sonic landscape that deeply resonates with the listener.

“Bears” – Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett’s “Bears” is a folk-country ballad that uses metaphors of bears to depict the complex nature of human relationships and emotions. The lyrics employ vivid imagery of bears and their behavior to describe a lover’s possessiveness and the struggles of a romantic relationship.

Lovett’s haunting vocals, combined with the melancholic slide guitar and steady drum beat, evoke a sense of somber sadness that lingers even after the song has ended. “Bears” is a lyrical journey through the wilds of human emotion, with Lovett as a guide who is both insightful and vulnerable in his observations.

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – The Hold Steady

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” by The Hold Steady is a rollicking tune that tells the tale of a bear and a maiden fair. This high-energy track combines classic rock elements with a fantastical lyrical quality. With dynamic guitar riffs and pulsing drums, the song’s upbeat tempo is infectious and will leave you tapping your feet.

The anthemic chorus will have you singing along and feeling like you’re part of the adventure. Despite its lively sound, the lyrics touch on a darker theme, reminding us of the dangers that lurk in the woods.

Bear Witness” – Dr. Octagon

This track, “Bear Witness” by Dr. Octagon, is a unique offering in our list of songs about bears. It features a frenetic, almost chaotic beat that is sure to get your head nodding. The lyrics are equally wild with Dr. Octagon’s signature style of abstract and perplexing verses that paint vivid pictures of a world that is both bizarre and entrancing.

While not necessarily about actual bears, “Bear Witness” is a must-listen for fans of experimental hip-hop and those who appreciate a bit of peculiar wordplay.

“Bear Hug” – The 2 Bears

“Bear Hug” by The 2 Bears is a pulsating electronic track that fuses disco, funk, and pop music elements to create an irresistible beat. The song’s lyrics are unabashedly romantic, with the artists crooning about their desire to hold and embrace someone tightly like a bear hug.

The track’s energy is contagious, making you want to get up and dance while also melting your heart with its sweet sentiment. With its catchy melody and danceable rhythm, “Bear Hug” is a perfect addition to any party playlist.

“The Bear” – Randy Newman

“The Bear” is a tantalizingly perplexing track from the brilliant singer-songwriter Randy Newman. The song features Newman’s signature dense, witty lyrics and intricate instrumentation that keep listeners on their toes.

Beautifully somber and haunting, “The Bear” paints a vivid picture of an aging, melancholy bear who has long since disappeared into the wilderness. Newman’s clever songwriting, delicate piano work, and soaring vocals make “The Bear” one of the most captivating tracks about our furry friends.

“The Bear” – Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

“The Bear” by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman is a folksy and jazzy instrumental tune that captures the essence and character of bears. From its playful melody to its rhythmic guitar strums and strident string solos, the song conjures up images of burly beasts roaming through tranquil forests and mountain ranges.

The collaboration between the two musical giants is seamless, and their masterful improvisational skills shine through with each note and chord change. “The Bear” is a masterpiece of acoustic music and a fitting tribute to one of nature’s most beloved creatures.

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic” – Henry Hall

This track by British bandleader Henry Hall is a whimsical classic from the 1930s, often heard in children’s programming and animation. It tells the story of a picnic attended by an unlikely group of attendees – teddy bears! The catchy melody complements the sing-along nature of the lyrics and creates an atmosphere of pure joy and innocence.

Despite its somewhat outdated sound, “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” remains an enduring example of how music can transport us to a simpler time and rekindle the childlike wonder in all of us.

“The Bear Song” – Bonnie “Prince” Billy

If we pivot our attention to the songs about our furry friends in the wilderness, it would be shameful not to mention Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “The Bear.” The folksy tune takes a tender and rustic approach to creating an ode to the majestic creature.

With Billy’s meek and sorrowful voice accompanied by delicate guitar playing, he laments about the loss of the bear’s habitat and how humans must learn to coexist with it. The track encapsulates a sense of melancholy, highlighting the importance of respecting our animal kingdom.

“Beargrass Song” – Billy & Nathan Salsburg

In this groovy number titled “Beargrass Song” by the talented duo Billy & Nathan Salsburg, we’re taken on a sonic journey through the heart of folk music. The melodic strums of the acoustic guitar blend seamlessly with soulful harmonies, transporting us to a bygone era steeped in musical richness. The song’s historical context and cultural significance shine through, capturing the essence of a time when storytelling through music was at its peak. With its raw and heartfelt sound, “Beargrass Song” captivates listeners, inviting them to experience the enchanting world of folk with every note.

“Bear” – The Antlers

The track “Bear” by The Antlers gently tugs at our emotions with its soothing melody, entwined with the melancholy lyrics about the struggles of relationships, a universal theme that speaks to our hearts. The unassuming manner in which The Antlers present their message has a raw, vulnerable quality that draws listeners in to express curiosity. It’s a song that evokes a sense of calm and wistful introspection, its beauty belying the complexity of emotion conveyed in its lyrics. “Bear” is a song that leaves us feeling raw and vulnerable, yet comforted in the embrace of its musical genius.